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Support @ Home
Do you need help to Set-up and Maintain your home network?
Are you Backing-Up your Digital Assets regularly? Do you have more than one computer in the home? Multiple printers? Would you like to be able to access data or media on another computer?
At nexisIT, we can help you with all of this and more.
Support @ Work
Need to Set-Up and Configure a network for your Small Business? Do you need to add additional Hardware Resources to your Small Business Network? Need CIO/CTO services without the hassel of a fulltime person?
Having hardware issues with your xBox 360? Cannot connect your console to the internet for live play? Want to digitize all of your music and movies? Let nexisIT take care of those issues so you can enjoy your media ASAP.
Install & Repairs
It is amazing how much technology has changed in the past twenty years. Pretty much everything we do on one computer relies on another computer. But when those connections do not work – it’s time to call nexisIT  for Professional and Courteous support.
Let us help you by Installing your new gear or Repairing your exisitng gear.
CTO/CIO Contract Services
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we  take care of all of your IT needs